2018 C4I and Cyber Technology Symposium
June 19-20, 2018
Hotel at Utica Centre, Utica, New York
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The AFCEA C4I and Cyber conference afternoon workshops will focus on a selected set of specific topics that are directly related to AFRL’s Core Technical Competencies. We seek current ‘hot- topic’ unclassified papers. AFCEA welcomes submissions from government and military service programs, laboratories, academia, and industry. These papers could have been presented elsewhere but they must address current, cutting-edge issues in a compelling manner. Selected papers/authors will have the opportunity to present their ideas during one of the four workshop sessions at the conference this June.

Authors are invited to submit extended abstracts for the topics detailed below that align with the following Core Technical Competencies (CTC):
1.Connectivity & Dissemination
2.Autonomy, C2, & Decision Support
3.Processing & Exploitation
4.Cyber Science & Technology

Important Considerations:
Electronic submissions can be 3 - 5 pages including figures/graphics. Select one of the focus areas below for consideration. Submissions can include previously published material and/or developed products.

Submissions should be of sufficient detail and length to permit proper review and evaluation.

Authors will be notified of acceptance and will be informed as to whether they should prepare a briefing or poster presentation. Notification of format will be provided at time of selection.

Please indicate on your submission which CTC your paper aligns with.

Paper submission deadline: 16 May – electronic submission to Andrea Gwilt (conference co-chair) - agwilt@srcinc.com

Notification of selection: 01 June

Final briefing or poster submission deadline: 11 June